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Factors Affecting Alaska Car Insurance Rates

Car insurance rates in Alaska are affected by a number of factors. Each insurance company uses its own method to weigh them, which means that pricing will vary depending on the company.

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One of the factors commonly used by car insurance companies in Alaska to set rates is the driver’s age. Since young people are more likely to be involved in car accidents and make claims on their policies, the insurance companies charge them higher rates for their coverage. Car insurance customers who are between the ages of 50-65 tend to pay the lowest rates for their coverage, since they are considered the safest drivers on the road and the least likely to take chances while behind the wheel.

The applicant’s driving record is another factor that will be considered by Alaska car insurance companies. A person with no history of accidents or traffic violations will pay less for coverage than an individual who does not have a clean driving record.

The type of work a person applying for insurance coverage does also plays a role in how much they will be charged. A person who is required to do a lot of driving in his or her job is more likely to make a claim than someone who only commutes to and from an office, store or factory. The insurance company will also consider the distance being driven when determining rates.

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