Esurance Auto Insurance Review

The constantly-changing world of online auto insurance quotes has seen many household names extending their land-based operations to build a significant web presence in an effort to gain an increasing slice of a massive financial market. Esurance are somewhat different in this respect as they have always traded as an online company. Born in 1998, Esurance were originally part of Silicon Sierra Holdings Incorporated but where purchased in 2000 by the White Mountains Holding Group. As a long-standing survivor of the original ‘dot-com’ boom, Esurance have continued to grow as an emerging market force by offering cheap auto insurance quotes throughout the United States.

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Esurance are particularly open about the views of their customers and continue to allow policyholders to post reviews of their services onto the main website. This is an unprecedented act of confidence and the fact that Esurance largely enjoy positive feedback is a testament to their excellent standards of customer service and claims handling. For many customers, Esurance is a natural choice because of their commitment to green issues. The company regularly helps in funding innovative new projects and they actively encourage a sustainable outlook through their company website.

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