Empty Nesters Can Save on Car Insurance Costs

When your children grow up and leave home, it’s a major lifestyle change. Your home is probably a lot quieter with fewer people in it, for one thing. Something else you may want to consider is how this change affects the price you pay for car insurance coverage.

If you have added your teenage children to your existing car insurance policy, you probably made that decision because it was less expensive to do so than to buy a separate policy for a new driver. Once the children leave home, you don’t need to keep them on your car insurance policy as members of your household who have access to your vehicle regularly.

In a situation where the young people have left home to go to college and may be driving your vehicle when they are home during breaks from school, let the insurance company know about the change. Ask for a new car insurance quote based on your current living arrangement.

Before making changes to your policy, you will want to confirm that your children are covered if they are using your vehicle while home during the summer and breaks during the school year. The insurance company’s customer service department or your insurance agent should be able to help you find the answer to your questions so that you and your family members have the right coverage in place.

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