Emergency Roadside Service as an Auto Insurance Addition

Vehicle owners can be easily forgiven for becoming confused about the world of auto insurance coverage. A simple enquiry about a basic auto insurance policy can quickly become an ordeal when carriers begin to offer additional features. However, most auto insurance companies actually suggest these add-ons as a means of improving their levels of customer service. If any situations arise where a motorist is unlikely to be sufficiently covered, the carrier will want to ensure that recommendations of additional auto insurance coverage have been made.

One of the less-mentioned forms of additional auto insurance coverage is emergency roadside assistance. Usually, this extra form of protection comes at a nominal cost and it is ideal for road users who are not already members of an independent roadside recovery organization. Many emergency roadside services actually resolve around 90% of vehicle issues at the site of a breakdown and additional coverage can be instrumental in making sure journeys are not excessively delayed or abandoned altogether.

When emergency roadside service is added to an auto insurance policy, there are many different situations that can arise where the facility can be used. Although breakdowns are the most common reason for callouts, motorists can also use their emergency roadside service if their vehicle has suffered a puncture or their keys have become locked in the car. The list is relatively endless. Some emergency roadside services are also able to provide arrest bond certificates. This can be particularly useful if a motorist is about to be taken into custody for a traffic-related violation.

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