Driving Without Car Insurance in Alberta

In Alberta, driving without car insurance is treated as a very serious matter. The provisions of the provincial Highway Traffic Act make it a criminal offense to drive a vehicle that is not insured.

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Even a person who has borrowed a vehicle can be charged if it is stopped and the police discover that the owner does not have insurance in place. The borrower should check the vehicle’s glove compartment to make sure that there is a valid insurance slip in it before operating it. The owner can also be charged under the Act for failing to have proper insurance in place while it is being driven.

On conviction, a person driving without insurance is required to pay a fine of $2,500 as well as a victim fine surcharge of $375, which brings the total amount to $2,875. The judge will give the individual a certain time to pay the fine, but if he or she does not do so, the offender will be sentenced to between 45 days and six months in jail.

A second conviction for driving without insurance carries a fine of $5,000-$20,000 and between 60 days and six months behind bars if this amount is not paid as ordered. The offender’s driver’s license may be suspended in addition to any other sentence imposed.

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