Driving and Traffic Laws in Arkansas

Complying with the Arkansas driving and traffic laws will not only keep motorists safe when they use their vehicles, but it will also help them obtain cheaper car insurance quotes in the future. Traffic violations will inevitably result in fines and the more serious an infringement is, the higher auto insurance costs will become in the future.

There are many traffic violations for which motorists can be punished. These can range from failing to yield to a police car or ambulance to driving at excessive speeds. Even minor infractions will lead to entries on a driving record and these will usually stay on file for a period of up to three years. Throughout this time, auto insurance quotes have a tendency to spiral and it can become increasingly difficult for motorists to obtain competitively-priced polices.

Naturally, some violations are viewed more seriously than others. Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, failing to stop at the scene of an accident and dangerous driving are all practices that leave insurance companies baulking when the time comes for renewing a policy. In addition, a series of punishments will be enforced by the state of Arkansas and an accumulation of offences will inevitably lead to stiffer penalties.

By reaching a range of 10 to 13 points on a license, drivers will receive a letter warning them about their future conduct as a road user. If a motorist accumulates 14 to 17 points, a three-month suspension will follow. A point tally of between 18 and 23 points will lead to a six-month ban and anybody collecting a total of more than 24 points will be suspended for a full year. The more significant the punishment, the higher car insurance quotes will be in the future.

Cell phone use is being cautiously reviewed throughout the United States and many areas have completely outlawed usage if a vehicle is being driven simultaneously. In Arkansas, this ban only extends to those who drive school buses but there is a strong likelihood that the restrictions will be imposed on all motorists sometime in the near future.

Residents of Arkansas must be 21 years of age before they can legally drink alcohol and state laws are particularly strict on motorists who take to the wheel of their vehicles after alcoholic consumption. The legal limit blood alcohol level limit is set at .08% and exceeding this will result in a DWI conviction. As well as making auto insurance quotes more expensive, motorists will also have to have an SR-22 form sent to their local Department of Motor Vehicles and failure to provide proof of insurance in the future will inevitably lead to further punishment. Drivers under 21 years of age have a blood alcohol level limit of .02% while commercial vehicle drivers have a limit of .04%.

If a motorist is stopped by a law enforcement officer and there is sufficient evidence to suspect that the driver has been drinking, the Implied Consent Law can be automatically enforced. By applying for a driving license in the state of Arkansas, motorists are automatically consenting to agreement with this particular law. A first DWI offence will result in a fine ranging from $150 to $1,000 and a suspension of 120 days. A second offence will lead to higher fines and a two-year suspension. These penalties can be increased for any additional offences.

Child safety is another significant factor for motorists in Arkansas and children under the age of 14 must wear a seat belt if they are travelling in the front of a vehicle. Children of up to 6 years old and those who weigh less than 60 pounds are legally obliged to travel in approved safety seating. Motorists who fail to comply with this legislation will also face financial penalties.

The effect of traffic violations on car insurance quotes can be devastating and in many instances, it can become almost impossible to find adequate coverage. At the very least, most offenders will find that their insurance carriers will only be prepared to offer a basic policy consisting of the minimum 25/50/25 level of compulsory coverage. Even then, this will be offered with vastly inflated premiums because of the risk that convicted drivers present.

Before entering their vehicles, motorists in Arkansas are advised to consider the outcome of any illegal behavior. Driving in a safe and conservative fashion not only reduces the risks of being involved in a road traffic accident, but it also leads to fewer violations and cheaper auto insurance quotes in the foreseeable future.

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