Drawing the Line with Cheap Auto Insurance for Young Drivers

The prospect of cheap auto insurance for young drivers can be extremely appealing, especially when motorists in a particular age bracket tend to be financially punished for the actions of others even though their own driving skills may be more than adequate. However, there should still be some limitations placed on cheap auto insurance so that young drivers are effectively covered during road use.

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Young drivers represent one of the highest risk insurance groups because they are statistically more likely to be involved in a major accident than an equivalent driver over the age of 24. Although there are a growing number of carriers offering cheaper auto insurance for younger motorists, the actual levels of coverage will usually only meet the mandatory minimum amount required by state law.

Insurance companies need to establish a balance of risk against the necessity to encourage new custom, especially as young drivers will be the customer base of the future. Unfortunately, the balance is often reached with policies that actually compromise the position of the driver. If adequate coverage is unaffordable and a policy is purchased strictly on a factor of price, this can present problems if a claim is made at a later date.

Irrespective of whether a policy is being purchased by a young driver or a parent, it still pays to purchase the maximum amount of coverage possible. The only genuine route to affordable auto insurance for young drivers is by maintaining an accident-free driving record which will see policy prices drop upon renewal.

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