Does Auto Insurance Cover a Car Rental in Canada?

Auto insurance coverage for rented vehicles is only in force if the policyholder rents and operates the vehicle in the U.S. or one of its territories. It does not cover a vehicle rented or operated in Canada.

Policyholders can get liability insurance coverage through the rental agency. The rental agreement will outline the type and level of protection that the rental company provides to its customers, and the driver should read through this document carefully before either agreeing to or declining to put this protection in effect.

Another way to get insurance coverage for a rental vehicle is through the driver’s credit card account. Some credit card providers offer a certain amount of rental car insurance coverage as a benefit to their customers, but the driver will need to use the card to pay for the rental to take advantage of this benefit.

Before leaving on a trip to Canada, auto insurance policyholders should contact their credit card issuer to find out whether car rental insurance coverage is available to them and how much protection they are entitled to under this benefit.The credit card company’s insurance plan may offer some collision coverage, as well as a benefit if the rental car is stolen.

People who are traveling to Canada from the U.S. and who are planning to rent a vehicle for their trip should make a point of considering all of their car insurance options in advance.

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