Do You Want the Cheapest Car Insurance in CA?

If your goal is to find the cheapest car insurance in CA, start by analyzing exactly how much coverage you need. To keep costs down, you may be considering limiting the level of protection you have in place. California is a tort state for car insurance purposes, which means that accident victims have the right to sue to collect damages from the at-fault driver following a motor vehicle accident. Setting the policy limit too low means a higher risk of being personally responsible for paying these expenses.

Raising the car insurance policy deductible is an effective way to keep coverage costs down. A driver who is willing to pay a higher amount toward the cost of his or her claim personally presents a lower level of risk to a car insurance company and is rewarded with lower premium rates. The vehicle owner should be careful not to set the deductible level too high; if paying this amount out of pocket will result in financial hardship, it’s not a good deal.

Many car insurance companies in CA offer discounts to policyholders in different circumstances. Be sure to ask about price breaks offered for good drivers, people with low annual mileage or for driving a vehicle equipped with a an anti-theft or safety device. Multi-vehicle and multi-policy discounts are also offered by various providers in the state.