Do I Need to List my Stepchild on My Auto Insurance Policy?

In a blended household, the question, “Do I need to list my stepchild on my auto insurance policy?,” is one which comes up often. Having a young person in the home who is old enough to drive is a major change for a family, and the insurance coverage which is in place needs to be updated when a teen obtains his or her license. The situation becomes more complicated when the teen is living with a parent and a step-parent.

The auto insurance provider will need to be informed when the number of licensed drivers in the household changes. The teen should be added to a parent and step-parent’s policy as an occasional driver. The insurance company assumes that all licensed drivers have access to the vehicles in the household. Even though adding a teen driver to a step-parent’s policy will mean paying higher premiums, it’s worth it if the young person is involved in an accident. Without this coverage in place, the vehicle owner would be responsible for paying for damages caused in the accident.

Auto Insurance for Teens with Divorced Parents

If a parent has full custody of his or her teen, the young person should be added to the auto insurance policy. In a situation where the parents share custody of the teen, he or she should be added to both parents’ auto insurance policies.

A parent who does not list a teen driver living in his or her household on the insurance policy may be penalized by the company for misrepresentation. Even if the teen only drives the car occasionally, he or she should be listed on the policy. Failing to do so may mean the insurance company will cancel or refuse to renew the parent’s policy.

Auto Insurance Rates for Teen Drivers

Auto insurance rates for teen drivers are higher than for people who have been licensed for several years,since they are in the high-risk category. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the risk of being in a car crash is highest during the first 12 months that teens are eligible to drive. People in this age group also have the lowest rate of seat belt use, with over 10 percent of high school students admitting that they “rarely or never” using them when riding in a vehicle with another person.

Find the Best Rates for Auto Insurance for Teens

Parents and step-parents who are looking for the best rates on auto insurance for teen drivers should get quotes from several companies before choosing an auto insurance provider. It’s important to make sure that all the drivers in the household have the protection they need, without paying more than they have to.

The quickest way to compare rates from different providers is to go online. Most insurance companies have a website, and buyers can request a quote for coverage by filling out an online form.

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