Do I Need to Buy Auto Insurance for an Occasional Driver in My Household

You need to buy auto insurance for an occasional driver in your household, even if he or she only operates your vehicle on an infrequent basis. Insurance companies offer better rates for occasional and student drivers. Adding other members of the household to a policy is not difficult, and doing so will ensure that everyone who lives with you has proper coverage in place.

Liability insurance coverage is required for all licensed drivers operating a motor vehicle on public roadways. This type of insurance pays for personal injury and property damage claims made by the occupants of the other vehicle involved in an accident.

Occasional Driver Auto Insurance Coverage

If you want to add an occasional driver to your policy, contact your auto insurance provider to advise that you want to make a change to your policy. The insurance company will have some questions about the person you would like to add, so be prepared to share how long he or she has been licensed. The auto insurance company will also want to know whether the occasional driver has accumulated any moving violations or been involved in any accidents within the past five years.

Auto Insurance Coverage for Students

Teens and young adults are charged higher rates for their auto insurance coverage than drivers who have been licensed for a few years. Insurance companies know that drivers in the under-25 age group are more likely to be involved in accidents than more mature individuals.

Rather than buying a new policy with a teen as the principal driver, a more economical choice is to add the young person to an existing policy. A number of auto insurance companies offer discounts to students who are able to maintain a “B” average or higher.

Students who have completed an approved driver’s education program can also qualify for a break on their auto insurance costs. These courses help new drivers learn how to operate a vehicle in a safe and responsible manner, which lowers the likelihood that they will be involved in an auto accident.

Get the Best Rates on Occasional and Student Driver Coverage

A change in circumstances, such as adding an occasional driver to a policy, is a good time to review the existing type and level of coverage to make sure that you are adequately protected. Getting quotes from a few auto insurance companies will reveal whether your existing auto insurance provider can provide you with the best prices for the coverage you need.

If you decide that you want to change companies, the best approach is to buy the new policy and make sure that it is in force before you cancel your existing coverage. This strategy will help you avoid having a lapse in your coverage, which means that you won’t have any protection if you are involved in an accident or have another type of loss. Getting caught driving without auto insurance coverage may mean having to pay a hefty fine as well as having your license suspended.


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