Distractions to Blame for Teenage Auto Insurance Price Hikes

Although teenage motorists have had to deal with unprecedented rough treatment from auto insurance companies over the past thirty years, it appears that state governments are looking to pre-warn young drivers about another major factor that will inevitably increase their auto insurance rates.

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While inexperience has always been cited as a significant reason behind most accidents involving motorists under the age of 25, it now appears that distraction is equally to blame. However, recent accident statistics tend to speak for themselves. More 16 year olds are involved in vehicle impact incidents than any other age group and in 2008, almost 4,000 teenagers were fatally injured in road traffic accidents.

Distractions include cell phones, loud music, having other youngsters in the vehicle and a multitude of hand-held gadgets that can often see young drivers taking their eyes off the road for that single split second that it takes for an accident to happen. Auto insurance companies have become more aware of the perils that distraction can cause and premiums are now escalating as carriers look to minimize their own levels of risk.

State laws are now going some way to alleviating the distractions that young drivers face and cell phones and portable devices are now banned in 15 US states while a vehicle is in operation. To help reduce auto insurance rates, parents are advised to warn young drivers of the dangers that distractions can cause. Safe driving programs are an excellent option for teenage motorists and they only take a few hours to complete. As well as offering excellent information about responsible road use, attendance can eventually lead to cheap auto insurance quotes in the future.

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