Discounts for Young Car Insurance Buyers in Hawaii

Young car insurance buyers can pay some of the highest rates for their coverage, but it doesn’t mean that they can’t qualify for discounts in some circumstances. Shopping around and asking about options for saving money will help recently-licensed drivers find the right protection at affordable rates.

One way that young drivers can qualify for lower rates on their car insurance coverage is to complete an approved driver’s education program. Not only will they be learning how to operate the vehicle properly, but their risk of being involved in an accident will be lower. Before signing up for a program, check with the insurance provider to get a list of recognized courses.

Adding the new driver to an existing policy is another way to save on coverage costs. A parent or other adult member of the household can do so, and this is a much more economical solution than buying a new policy for a teen or young adult.

Some insurance companies offer price breaks to good students. A person who is able to maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher can get better rates on his or her insurance. Providers consider people who have the dedication to work hard at school to be mature and responsible and these traits extend to their driving habits.

University students who are studying away from home and will not be driving for part of the year can also qualify for preferred pricing.