Delaware Car Insurance and Motorcycle Coverage

Delaware residents who own motorcycles need to be careful about the insurance coverage they choose. They must carry at least the minimum level of bodily injury, property damage and Personal Injury Protection (PIP) required for all motor vehicles in the state.

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When buying PIP coverage, a consumer should be careful about reviewing the quote carefully. The minimum level of coverage required is $15,000, but some companies will quote for a policy with an extremely high deductible. This leaves the customer with a very low level of protection for medical expenses if an accident occurs.

An insurance policy for a motorcycle owner that provides only a limited level of benefits may only pay out under certain circumstances. For example, the policy language may state that the motorcycle driver is only covered for medical bills and lost wages when the accident occurs on a highway and as the result of a collision with another vehicle. Damages incurred as the result of a single-vehicle accident are not covered under that type of policy.

While a limited coverage policy may be less expensive, it only provides coverage in very specific circumstances. A better choice may be to pay more in premiums to get an unrestricted PIP policy to get the benefit of a higher degree of protection if an accident occurs.

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