Deductibles and Effective Price Comparison Shopping

Many road users make the mistake of shopping for auto insurance quotes on price comparison websites without making one vital consideration; what exactly are they comparing? Although it’s highly recommended that motorists obtain as many online auto insurance quotes as possible, there also need to be a yardstick for accurate comparison and it’s amazing how often consumers miss this telling point.

To make a fair comparison, road users will need to use their existing auto insurance policy as a guide. When free online auto insurance quotes are being applied for, the deductible level used on the website must be set at the same level that’s applied to the current policy. There’s little point in comparing premiums if an old policy has a $250 deductible while your auto insurance quotes have a $1,000 deductible!

Many polices also have other limits in place so ensure that important factors such as mileage and overnight parking locations are the same on any auto insurance quotes that you apply for. Again, it’s difficult to establish an accurate gauge on policy prices if the information used is entirely different to that on your most recent agreement.

Naturally, the deductible can be increased or decreased once comparisons have been made but it’s highly important to establish a level of equality first. Indeed, you may find that you can actually decrease your deductible and still come out with a cheaper auto insurance quote instead of renewing your old policy. By taking care to compare correctly, the best deal on your auto insurance will always be assured.

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