Dealing with DUI Auto Insurance

The rising number of fatalities caused by motorists who operate their vehicles while under the influence of drugs and alcohol has seen auto insurance companies increasing their premiums to almost unaffordable levels for the most persistent offenders. In turn, laws are changing significantly so that DUI motorists face stiffer fines, longer suspensions and extended jail terms.

Dealing with a DUI conviction and obtaining auto insurance can be a frustrating combination of events. Indeed, many auto insurance carriers now refuse to deal with serious offenders and this has lead to many states implementing government-run programs that provide a basic level of coverage but very little else. In addition, most states will require an SR-22 document to be filed with the local Department of Motor Vehicles as a means of providing evidence that DUI motorists are not using their vehicles without sufficient auto insurance coverage in place.

When trying to obtain a new policy, convicted motorists are advised to research their options carefully. Primarily, it helps to obtain multiple auto insurance quotes so that coverage and premiums can be compared on a like-for-like basis. In most cases, DUI drivers will only be able to obtain a basic policy that meets minimum mandatory state requirements.

In the longer term, offenders will need to build up a creditable driving history again. As well as avoiding further DUI infractions, taking a defensive driving course will show a desire to improve on previous habits and many insurers will reward this with lower auto insurance rates. Unfortunately, this can take some time to achieve and DUI motorists should be prepared to dig in their heels to find the best possible deals.

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