Dealing with an Auto Insurance Claims Adjuster

After a road traffic accident where another party was at fault, there is a strong likelihood that you’ll need to talk to an auto insurance claims adjuster before a settlement can be reached. Although the claims adjuster might appear to be friendly and affable on the surface, consumers are advised to remember that part of their job is to save their respective companies as much money as possible. There are a number of factors that road users should consider when dealing with auto insurance claims adjusters.

It is advisable not to sign anything unless you’re completely happy with what’s being offered. Never agree to a recorded statement over the telephone and always insist on meeting an auto insurance claims adjuster on a face-to-face basis. Indeed, you retain the right to refuse signing a statement until after your claim has been settled. Remember that the claims adjuster will be working in the best interests of the insured party and the company being represented at all times.

Always proceed in a courteous and friendly manner but make sure that the auto insurance claims adjuster is left in no doubt that you’ll only agree to a settlement that compensates you fairly. A pleasant demeanor will help to keep the auto insurance claims adjuster as neutral as possible and this can ultimately help you receive the level of compensation you deserve. Ultimately, the auto insurance claims adjuster will want to do everything possible to avoid ending up in court and this can be an essential bargaining tool for reaching a final settlement.

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