CT Car Insurance for Senior Drivers

Perhaps the most important thing to establish when purchasing cheap CT auto insurance for seniors is knowing exactly what the term ‘senior’ means in the often-complicated world of car insurance. To qualify as a senior, you do not have to be past retirement age. The majority of CT car insurance companies regard any motorist over the age of 55 as a senior. Some will have an even lower threshold of 50 years of age.

Age alone will not qualify road users to huge discounts because risk levels will still be assessed individually. The fact that you’ve reached 55 years of age won’t count for anything if you’ve been collecting speeding tickets like confetti every year for the past 25 years! On the positive side, it may be that you’ve maintained a blemish-free record for the last decade or so and this will undoubtedly qualify you for significant discounts. Effectively, a clean driving record and your age could see you enjoying a double discount. Not everything about getting old has to be negative!

Seniors can also take advantage of other discounts offered by CT insurance companies. An older road user may have less need for vehicle use on a daily basis and if you drive less miles, you will often qualify for discounts if you can stay below 6,000 miles each year. Consider grouping all of your insurance requirements with a single provider as well. By bundling property insurance, life insurance, health insurance and auto insurance together, you can qualify for a rewards discount for displaying consumer loyalty.

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