CT Auto Insurance and High-Risk Motorists

Road users in Connecticut are saddled with some of the most demanding mandatory auto insurance obligations throughout the entire United States. As well as having to purchase liability coverage, state law makes it a legal requirement for motorists to purchase protection against uninsured and underinsured drivers. This instantly makes CT auto insurance coverage an expensive commodity, but what happens to high-risk motorists who already have a less than perfect driving record?

Young Drivers

Young road users will often find that CT auto insurance is totally unaffordable and this can make it exceptionally hard to find their own policy. It can sometimes be a better idea to add young drivers onto an existing policy owned by an adult until a record of safe driving has been accumulated.

Persistent Claimants

If a motorist is making claims on their CT auto insurance on a regular basis, they will present a higher risk to their carrier and their premiums will rise accordingly. Some road users make claims on the smallest dent or chip in their paintwork but it can often be more cost-effective to pay for smaller repairs personally in a bid to keep CT auto insurance rates down to an absolute minimum.

Uninsured Drivers

If a road user has a history of using a vehicle without having adequate coverage in place, CT auto insurance can become almost impossible to find. The purchase of a valid policy should never be ignored, even if it only meets the minimum mandatory levels of coverage. Connecticut has a bigger problem with uninsured and underinsured drivers than most other states and this makes carriers more reluctant to offer coverage for persistent offenders.