Crafting a Discount Motor Insurance Plan

The expense associated with running a motor vehicle can easily escalate so creating your own discount motor insurance plan is an advisable consideration. This can be completed easily by following a few simple steps. The potential for huge savings can significantly reduce annual transport costs in most UK households.

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Compile a List

Draw up a list of potential insurance companies who advertise nationally and who use price as one of their primary selling points. New customers are often offered substantial discounts in the first year of a policy and in some cases, companies will even offer two months of free insurance.

Gather your Personal Details

Ensure that all of your personal details are up-to-date and ready for submission to your preferred insurer. As well as being accurate in the information you supply about yourself, be honest about your previous driving history and any claims or convictions you may have against your name. By being upfront in the first instance, you will alleviate the risk of a premium increase if information you have originally failed to declare actually comes to light.

Vehicle Details

It is equally important to provide correct details about the vehicle you are insuring. Always consider factors that you can directly influence when trying to craft a discount insurance plan. If you are able to park your vehicle in a secure overnight location and have additional security features added to the vehicle itself, make sure you inform the insurance company of this. These factors can actually lower your risk appraisal and reduce the cost of your policy.

Effective Price Comparison

Once you have all of the relevant information available, don’t be afraid to speak to multiple insurance companies. Policy prices can vary greatly from carrier to carrier and an extra phone call or two can literally save you hundreds of pounds. Price comparison sites are also excellent resources for studying policies on a like-for-like basis.

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