Convicted Drivers and Auto Insurance in the UK

There are many motorists in the UK who are unable to find cheap auto insurance quotes because of their previous driving history. In fact, those with a particularly bad record may find it impossible to buy any auto insurance at all. There are many reasons for poor driving histories but a conviction on your record for a particularly bad accident or drinking and driving offences will see premiums soar.

So how does a convicted motorist find cheap auto insurance quotes? Naturally, they can apply for policies through everyday resources such as internet auto insurance companies and price comparison websites. However, many of these will refuse to touch convicted motorists without charging exorbitantly high auto insurance rates to nullify their own levels of risk.

For those that can’t find coverage through traditional means, there are a number of select companies than only provide auto insurance quotes for convicted motorists. Unfortunately, these companies absorb a higher level of risk on all of their policies in comparison to a typical carrier and their prices reflect this.

Everybody makes mistakes and the most important thing to do is to learn from them. Although auto insurance rates will increase dramatically for the first three years after an offence, a continued record of safe driving and no further offences will eventually see those rates fall to a more manageable level. The completion of a defensive driving course and participation in a drinking and driving education program will also help to secure cheap auto insurance quotes.

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