Consequences of Driving Without California Auto Insurance

If you are caught driving without car insurance in CA, you are subject to a number of consequences, and none of them are too pleasant. You will probably be required to pay a fine, and your driver’s license and registration may be suspended.

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The amount of the fine you will need to pay will vary. If you are found driving without car insurance during a traffic stop, you are looking at about $450. The amount increases if you are involved in an accident, though. In that situation, you would be looking at over $800.

Before you will be allowed to drive legally again, you will have to provide proof of insurance to the Department of Motor Vehicles. The document you will need to produce is an SR-22. Your insurance company, if you are able to find one that will cover you after a suspension, will issue the necessary paperwork.

Once the SR-22 is issued, you will probably need to have one in place for three years. During this time, you must be continuously insured with at least the minimum level of coverage required by law. Allowing your auto insurance to lapse during this time means your license and registration will be revoked again.

Not all insurance companies will issue a policy under an SR-22, so be sure to mention this detail when you are getting car insurance quotes.

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