Comparing Car Insurance Quotes in the UK

Comparing car insurance quotes has become an increasingly difficult affair that has been further complicated by an increasing number of websites that all seem to offer the same thing. However, these abundant resources still offer many advantages over traditional methods of purchasing a car insurance policy.

On many price comparison websites, UK road users will only be presented with car insurance quotes that earn a commission for the affiliate. At Promiga Auto Insurance Quotes, we never apply any charges and simply focus on bringing our site visitors the best range of free car insurance quotes on the internet.

Promiga operate in conjunction with market-leading car insurance specialists who have a wealth of experience on price comparison websites and on a standalone basis. Every one of our partners carries a wide selection of fully comprehensive and third party options to bring our customers the widest choice of car insurance policies available anywhere.

In the past, UK road users have found price comparison shopping as equally tedious as annual expeditions to local car insurance offices or, heaven forbid, those tiring telephone call centres which are only accessible on premium rate numbers that chew into your budget long before a car insurance quote is ever received. To obtain a clearer picture of the car insurance marketplace, one would have to visit several price comparison websites and this negated the purpose of shopping online in the first place.

At Promiga, we continually update our service to make ourselves the ultimate one-stop shop for all online car insurance quotes. Stick with us, and you’ll never need to look at another price comparison website again!

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