Compare California Auto Insurance Rates

Promiga is the number one online resource for road users who wish to compare auto insurance rates before committing to a purchase. What makes Promiga the best price comparison choice on the Internet? How many times have you visited alternative comparison website to compare California auto insurance rates, only to find that fees are charged for each quote you apply for?

As you can probably imagine, this makes the search for auto insurance incredibly expensive, especially if you’re trying to review the market extensively to make sure you purchase the right policy. When you compare California auto insurance rates, it makes sense to apply for as many quotes as possible in order to find the best combination of coverage and price.

At Promiga, we’ve never charged a fee or commission on any of our quotes and this allows our site visitors to compare California auto insurance rates without having to worry about unscrupulous webmasters taking them for a ride. With a full range of ‘A’ rated carriers to choose from, and an extensive range of online auto insurance discounts available, there has never been a better time or place to compare California auto insurance rates.

Our simple online application form requires nothing more than a local ZIP code and you won’t be asked for lengthy personal details that can be sold on to unrelated companies and organisations at a later stage. We like to treat our customers like friends and give them the respect they deserve. That’s why we’ll never, ever charge you to compare California auto insurance rates and that’s a promise.

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