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Colorado Auto Insurance Discounts Available

You may be entitled to one or more discounts on your Colorado auto insurance policy, and it pays to ask your insurer about the price breaks it offers to customers. For example, if you insure more than one vehicle with the same company, you will likely be offered a discount. Buying your car insurance coverage from the same insurer who holds your homeowners’ policy will also likely entitle you to a discount on one, if not both policies.

Insurance companies in Colorado also offer discounts to customers who have good driving records. Since the insurer looks at your driving history to get an idea of your future behavior, maintaining a clean record is one of the best things you can do to get the best possible rate.

Taking an approved driver’s education course can also mean better pricing for Colorado auto insurance customers. New drivers aren’t the only people who can benefit from them; under state law, auto insurance companies must give all customers over the age of 55 who complete one of these programs a discount for three years. The customer must keep a clean driving record to continue to receive the discounted price.

Limiting the annual mileage driven is another way to get better prices on Colorado auto insurance. Choosing to take public transit to and from work is a more environmentally-friendly choice and since it lowers the likelihood of a driver making a claim, the insurance company looks favorably on customers who make this choice as well.

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