Collision Scams and Auto Insurance Implications

A growing trend has developed amongst unscrupulous road users in recent years and the implications of this particular scam have a long-term effect on auto insurance rates for honest motorists who use their vehicles with consideration and integrity. The ‘Rear-End Collision’ scam is an orchestrated accident where the scammer lures his victim into a situation where a collision becomes inevitable. The scammer will then feign injuries in an effort to force compensation from the auto insurance policy of the victim. Luckily, the scam is relatively well-known and studious road users can quickly learn to recognize the signs of it.

The scammer will always move his own vehicle into a position where the victim is following immediately behind. The scammer will drive at variable speeds so that the victim continually has to adjust their own driving to compensate. Suddenly, the scammer will slam hard on his brakes so that the victim drives into the rear of his car. In most US states, responsibility for an accident is instantly assigned to the car behind the scammer and subsequent claims on the auto insurance policy of the victim inevitably follow.

If you feel that another road user is driving erratically in an attempt to pull off this particular scam, it is advisable to drop back to a safe distance or to pull over your own vehicle completely until the potential scammer has gone. It is also advisable to notify the police of any erratic driving patterns from other motorists as this will make them easier to track down if they attempt similar fraudulent situations with other road users.

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