Collectible Cars and the Best Auto Insurance Options

Collectible cars are a definitive automotive subject in themselves and when it comes to obtaining auto insurance quotes for these highly-valued possessions, the marketplace can be particularly confusing. Part of the difficulty that surrounds collectible cars is establishing their value in the first place. After all, many of these vehicles have been extensively restored and this can either add or detract from their original worth.

Establishing Market Value

The only genuine way to establish the true value of a collectible car is to have it undergo an evaluation prior to obtaining an auto insurance policy. In many cases, an auto insurance carrier will be prepared to send out a skilled assessor who will carry out a stringent series of checks on the vehicle. The use of modified or patterned parts will decrease value so wherever possible, restoration work should involve as many original parts as possible.

Underwriting a Policy

Once a collectible vehicle has been evaluated, the underwriters of your chosen auto insurance company will prepare a policy although this is likely to be very expensive. Because collectible cars are relatively scarce, difficulties can arise if repair work needs carrying out after an accident and replacement components will usually be very hard to source. This can add to the cost of repair bills and most auto insurance policies will allow for such circumstances at the time of a policy purchase. Be prepared to pay a significant sum for coverage but always try to use basic leverage points in order to obtain cheap auto insurance quotes.

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