Claiming Through the Motor Insurance Bureau

If a motorist is involved in an accident where the responsible party is uninsured, there is still a chance of being compensated by making a claim through the Motor Insurance Bureau. The Motor Insurance Bureau has been created as a means of providing motorists with a secondary option when an accident occurs that can’t be claimed through the policy of another motorist.

The Motor Insurance Bureau act as a non-profit organization to resolve accident disputes and they are primarily funded by contributions raised through membership. Every insurance company in the UK must be members of the Motor Insurance Bureau as a mandatory requirement. As well as assisting in claims with uninsured drivers, the Motor Insurance Bureau can also help to resolve other issues such as hit-and-run collisions.

Once a claim has been filed with the Motor Insurance Bureau, an investigation will take place to determine the nature of the accident. They will gather information from the police including CCTV camera footage if another driver has fled the scene of the accident and any other related police paperwork. They will also seek to verify the identity of the claimant as well as trying to establish the whereabouts of any other parties involved in the incident. The Motor Insurance Bureau will also gather information from eyewitnesses and if a claimant has sustained any physical injuries, medical reports will also be studied.

Once all of the required information has been analyzed, the Motor Insurance Bureau will reach a decision on whether compensation should be awarded or not. Compensation is paid by check and will usually include an award for any physical injuries or accident repair costs. Claims will usually take around three months to process.

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