Check Out Oregon Car Insurance Discounts and Save

Oregon car insurance companies offer discounts to customers in a number of circumstances, including the following:

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  • More than one vehicle on the same policy
  • Successful completion of a driver’s education or a defensive driving course
  • Low annual mileage
  • Vehicle is equipped with safety features, including air bags and anti-lock brakes
  • Car has an anti-theft device installed
  • Driver is part of a carpool
  • Mature driver (between the ages of 50-65)
  • No record of accidents or traffic tickets for three years or more
  • Good credit score

Car insurance buyers should ask their insurance company representative or agent about all discounts the company they are with or are considering have available. Some companies offer better rates to long-term customers, and a person who has been dealing with the same insurer for several years should ask if this is an option.

While it may be tempting to simply renew coverage with an existing car insurance provider, a better option is to get quotes from other providers shortly before the policy is up for renewal. Another insurance company may be able to offer better rates and coverage terms, and the customer still has the option of renewing with his or her current insurance company. Shopping around is the way to get the best rates for Oregon car insurance coverage.

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