Cheaper Online Auto Insurance Quotes at Tesco

In terms of being retail giants, there’s very little doubt that Tesco have to be amongst the biggest of all. In recent years, Tesco have been the subject of approximately 16% of all UK consumer spending and customers can now purchase anything from a loaf of bread to a widescreen television at more than 2,500 different outlets. Part of the growth owes much to the world of auto insurance and Tesco are now offering regular customers some excellent deals.

Consumers who take part in the Tesco Clubcard loyalty program will automatically gain one point on their cards for every £2 spent on auto insurance coverage. This gives consumers extra spending power for free when they next hit the tills at their local branch. Additionally, any existing Clubcard points already earned can be used to pay for an auto insurance policy. Although policies must initially be paid for in full, reward points are evaluated each quarter and these are reimbursed in the shape of cash credits on all valid Clubcards.  Clubcard users will also receive automatic discounts that can see auto insurance rates slashed by up to 15%.

Tesco have worked in conjunction with the Royal Bank of Scotland and, most recently, have linked forces with Fortis Insurance International to bring their customers cheap auto insurance quotes under the umbrella name of Tesco Insurance Limited. All claims centers are based in the UK and Tesco also offer a ‘value’ online auto insurance option that reflects their commitment to providing low-cost alternatives for families with low incomes.

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