Cheap UK Car Insurance with Pass Plus (Part Two)

Only selected car insurance companies offer discounts for drivers who have completed the Pass Plus course. Provident, Royal and Sun Alliance and Tesco are amongst those who do offer cheap car insurance rates, but it is worth checking with your existing car insurance company to see if discounts are offered before enrolling on the course.

Once the course has been completed, drivers are issued with a Pass Plus certificate. The certificate must be presented to your car insurance company in order to qualify for a discount. Some car insurance companies will allow a two year period for you to use your Pass Plus discount, but take care to check the terms and conditions laid out by your insurer as some will only accept a Pass Plus certificate within one year of the date that you passed your original driving test.

Discount car insurance rates vary greatly but in some cases, savings of up to 35% can be enjoyed. Other car insurance companies cap discounts at just 5%, so be sure to shop around for the best policy offer. In some cases, the savings may not be enough to cover the cost of taking the Pass Plus course. You can usually enjoy better car insurance rates by changing carrier to maximise your Pass Plus discount. Naturally, there are other financial benefits that extend beyond the immediate financial savings made. Safer driving skills reduce the likelihood of being involved in accidents, and this pays off at a later stage in the shape of no-claims bonuses

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