Cheap UK Car Insurance with Pass Plus (Part One)

Pass Plus is an innovative driving course that focuses on improving driving skills, and is specifically targeted at newly qualified drivers. As well building safer driving skills, motorists who take the Pass Plus course will be able to obtain discounts from car insurance companies, who are more likely to recognise the reduced risk of trained drivers becoming involved in a road traffic accident.

All drivers are eligible to take part in the Pass Plus course, irrespective of their age and experience, although it is essentially aimed at road users who have passed their UK driving test in the past 12 months. The Pass Plus course can be difficult for motorists who have been driving for longer than newcomers have, especially if they have become slightly rusty or have picked up bad driving habits. Even so, the reduced car insurance rates applicable after passing the course can make the effort worthwhile.

The cost of the Pass Plus course varies greatly based on the county in which the driver lives and the rates charged by their driving instructor. It is generally priced in the region of £100 to £150, and many local authorities have initiatives in place that will pay up to 50% of the fees. Students must apply for these initiatives by talking directly to the relevant authority. In most cases, this will be the local Transport and Road Safety Department.

There are six modules covered on the Pass Plus course. Town driving helps to instil general advanced driving skills and road users will also learn about driving in extreme weather conditions. Driving in the countryside and at night is comprehensively covered, and students also learn how to use their vehicles on dual carriageways and motorways. The Pass Plus course is mainly practical, although a little theory is also involved.

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