Cheap IL Auto Insurance for Women

IL auto insurance quotes can vary greatly between the two sexes but do males or females make the better drivers? Accident statistics reveals an equal number of accidents involving both types of road user and there is no conclusive evidence that indicates who the better drivers might be. However, female IL auto insurance quotes are usually cheaper than those offered to their male counterparts.

The differences in price usually relate to the different driving habits of each individual sex. Male drivers cover more road miles because of work commitments and they regularly use faster highways. Women, however, are more likely to drive on slower roads and will employ defensive driving habits because they are carrying children in their cars. These differences make a significant difference on the bottom line of IL auto insurance quotes.

IL auto insurance for men costs more because they are frequently involved in high impact accidents. This results in higher levels of damage to their vehicles and repair costs will inevitably be greater. Female drivers are involved in a higher number of low impact accidents that result in minor damage and this makes it easier for them to obtain cheaper IL auto insurance quotes. The difference in cost will be more significant if a male motorist is below the age of 25.

Young male drivers are involved in more traffic accidents than any high-risk driver category and this causes their IL auto insurance rates to soar. At Promiga, we provide cheap auto insurance for all motorists in Illinois and only work in partnership with ‘A’-rated insurance carriers with a record of providing excellent customer service and unbeatable IL auto insurance coverage.

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