Cheap Classic Car Insurance

The high residual market values associated with classic cars can make obtaining cheap auto insurance quotes an incredibly difficult process. Part of the reason for this is the fact that the rarity of some vehicles makes them particularly awkward to place a price on. To eliminate some of their own risk, auto insurance companies may actually place a higher value on classic vehicles and this will be reflected in the premium that consumers are expected to pay.

Reducing costs

Classic car insurance will be significantly cheaper if the potential policyholder is above 25 years of age. It is also advisable to make sure the vehicle is kept in a safe overnight location as this will also reduce the cost of your auto insurance quotes. Reserving usage for recreational or show purposes will serve to lower auto insurance rates even further.

Join a Club

Owners of classic cars may find that there’s a local club in operation where those who own similar models meet on a regular basis. Joining such a club not only opens up a new social outlet for enthusiasts but many organizations have deals in place with auto insurance companies where special terms are offered for all members.

Where to Look for Cheap Online Auto Insurance Quotes

A number of cost-effective options are available for owners of classic cars and many specialist insurers now offer a dedicated service for this sort of car. At Promiga Auto Insurance quotes, we work in partnership with A-rated industry specialists who are able to provide policy offers on almost any type of vehicle.

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