Cheap California Auto Insurance for Women

If you’re a female driver who’s looking for a great price on your next deal, Promiga have thousand of policies that provide cheap California auto insurance for women. Some male drivers contest that women are not better drivers and feel that they get preferential rates unfairly. To a certain degree, the men are right! Statistically, men and women are involved in a roughly equal number of accidents each year.

So why is cheap California auto insurance for women so readily available through Promiga? The answer derives from the type of accident women are involved in. Men, through their love of cars alone, often drive vehicles with a higher engine capacity. Because they drive at higher speeds, accidents are more likely and premiums usually reflect this. What’s more, impact collisions at higher speeds cause more damage and this is reflected in expensive repair estimates that the auto insurance companies have to pay.

Cheap California auto insurance for women is attainable for many reasons. Most of their driving takes place in towns and cities where speed restrictions are in place so naturally, they have to drive slowly by law. In many cases, a woman may also have a child as a passenger in the vehicle and this promotes a defensive attitude to driving. Even when accidents occur, impact damage is much smaller because of the speeds involved and this makes repair costs significantly lower.

To see if you qualify for cheap California auto insurance for women, why not apply for a quote today and see what Promiga can do to bring down your rates even further?

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