Cheap British Columbia Auto Insurance

In British Columbia, car insurance customers must buy the government-mandated coverage from the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC). This system has been in place since 1973. While it may level the playing field for car insurance buyers so that they get access to the same type of coverage, consumers don’t have the option of changing companies if they aren’t happy with the rates they paying or the company’s customer service practices.

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Insurance customers in this province do have choices about where they get their optional car insurance coverage, though. Fire, theft and collision is not covered under the government car insurance plan, and residents of the province are able to buy this coverage from the provider of their choice.

When looking for cheap British Columbia auto insurance coverage, consumers should consider coverage options from several companies. Rates are based on the applicant’s profile and the level of risk that the individual presents. A person who is deemed less likely to make a claim against a car insurance policy is a lower risk to insure and will be quoted a lower rate than someone who is deemed a higher risk.

Getting quotes from multiple providers means that car insurance customers can get a good level of protection without paying sky-high rates. Going online to get quotes is a quick and easy way to find out which company can provide cheap car insurance in British Columbia.

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