Cheap Auto Insurance for Women in Illinois

In the ever-changing world of auto insurance, there is still one age-old argument that continues to rage with a burning passion. Do males or females make better drivers? In truth, statistics actually reveals a roughly equal number of both sexes being involved in road traffic accidents so there is no conclusive evidence to answer this particular question. However, female motorists in Illinois will frequently find that their auto insurance quotes are significantly cheaper than those offered to male drivers on a like-for-like basis.

Variations in price have much to do with the driving habits of each individual sex. Male drivers have a tendency to cover more miles in a calendar year and work commitments often see them travelling over longer distances on busier and faster highways. Women, on the other hand, tend to drive more locally on slower roads and often use their vehicles defensively because they are carrying children on board. These typical habits can make a huge difference when it comes to obtaining cheap auto insurance quotes.

Auto insurance for males is usually more expensive because they are more likely to be involved in high impact accidents and subsequently, damage to their vehicles and the cost of repairs are likely to much higher. Female drivers are usually involved in low impact accidents that only cause minor damage and this makes it easier for them to find cost-effective online auto insurance quotes. The difference in premiums can be even larger if male motorists are under the age of 25. Young drivers are involved in more road traffic accidents than any other group so young male motorists are considered to be one of the highest risk categories of all.

There are a growing number of companies that specialize in offering lower auto insurance rates for female drivers in Illinois and many of these now advertise nationally as means of raising their profile and attracting new business. However, it is usually more beneficial for women to compare a range of different car insurance quotes from multiple providers using online websites as these particular resources have a tendency to offer the biggest discounts.

At Promiga Auto Insurance Quotes, we specialize in providing cheap auto insurance for all motorists in Illinois irrespective of their age and gender. We only deal with premium-rated insurance companies who have consistently provided excellent levels of customer service alongside unbeatable levels of coverage.

There are a wide number of benefits to be enjoyed at Promiga Auto Insurance Quotes and by comparing policies effectively, our dedicated website could end up saving you hundreds of valuable dollars:

  • We only provide free auto insurance quotes. We NEVER charge consumers to use our services
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  • Promiga Auto Insurance Quotes are dedicated to providing cheap auto insurance quotes within minutes. By providing something as simple as a ZIP code, a vast range of different polices are just a few short clicks away

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