Cheap Auto Insurance for the Fairer Sex

Although it may seem slightly unfair, female drivers are much more likely to find cheap auto insurance quotes than their male counterparts. There are a number of different reasons behind this but predominantly, male drivers have a tendency to be involved in high-impact road traffic accidents while female drivers, even though they are accountable for an equal number of collisions, are involved in more accidents where minimal cosmetic damage is caused to vehicles.

The data that supports these trends has led to a growing number of carriers that supply auto insurance coverage just for women motorists. Their argument in doing this centers around the fact that even when females are involved in road traffic accidents, the subsequent repair costs are usually much cheaper than those incurred when men are behind the wheel. What is the reason for this?

Auto insurance experts argue that female drivers tend to be more defensive behind the wheel of a car, especially if they have children on board. Also, more of their driving takes place in towns or cities where high speeds aren’t typical so even though there may be more traffic on the road, any collision that ensues will only cause small levels of damage. Male drivers, on the other hand, are more likely to drive at higher speeds on freeways so when they’re involved in an accident, impact will be greater, more damage will be caused and the resulting repair costs will be much higher than those attributed to female drivers.

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