Cheap Auto Insurance – One for the Girls!

The rising cost of auto insurance is a worry to us all. Premiums are continually soaring and the search for an affordable deal can often be difficult. However, female motorists are actually better placed than their male counterparts and there are several reasons why they are able to find cheap auto insurance quotes that are exclusively for lady drivers.

Driving habits between men and women vary greatly. Male motorists tend to use their vehicles over longer distances and, because much of their driving takes place of freeways, they tend to drive at higher speeds as well. Female motorists tend to drive in more in built-up areas where speed restrictions are lower and the levels of traffic often lead to slower journey times. They often carry children in their cars.

So why do women manage to find cheap auto insurance quotes while many men can’t? When a male is involved in an accident, he will usually be driving at faster speeds so impact damage is relatively high and this makes repair costs more expensive. Collision damage is less significant in many accidents involving female motorists so auto insurance companies tend to offer cheap auto insurance quotes to reflect this. However, female drivers aren’t necessarily any better behind the wheel of a car and statistics indicate that both sexes are involved in a relatively even number of accidents.

There are a growing number of auto insurance companies that have subsidiaries which are exclusively dedicated to providing coverage for women. Many of these are available through price comparison websites with additional discounts applied.

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