Change Washington Car Insurance Mid-Term

A customer can choose to change Washington car insurance companies before the policy is up for renewal if he or she wishes to do so. Many people only think of changing providers when the existing term expires, but the policyholder has to right to cancel their coverage at any time they choose. If a customer decides that he or she is not happy with the insurance company or finds another one that is prepared to offer coverage at a better rate, they can buy a new policy and cancel the first one.

The original insurance company would issue a refund for any premiums paid in advance. The company can charge an administration fee to customers who wish to cancel their coverage while the policy is in force, and this amount would be deducted from any premiums paid in advance.

If a Washington car insurance customer wants to cancel their policy, they should buy a replacement one first and confirm that it is in effect before notifying the first company in writing of their intention to cancel the policy. The letter advising the company of the change should be sent by registered mail or courier so that the policyholder has proof of delivery.

It’s a good idea to contact the insurance company a week or two after sending the letter canceling the policy to confirm that the instructions have been processed and that the first policy has been canceled.