Hail Damage Shows The Value of Comprehensive Auto Insurance

Last year, the number of hail damage claims rose considerably compared to the previous three years, according to the Highway Loss Data Institute. Claim payments reached a high of $797 million in 2011. This finding highlights the importance of having good comprehensive auto insurance, especially if you live in areas that are ravaged by storms. … Read more

Oklahoma Auto Insurance Tune-Up

The Oklahoma DMV says there is minimum mandatory auto insurance everyone is expected to carry in this state. However, as one Tulsa driver found out — the bare minimum is not always enough. “Alberto” told Channel 2 News that he signed up for a cheap “name your own price” policy — only to find that … Read more

New York Department of Motor Vehicles Guide To Auto Insurance

The average cost of auto insurance in New York state is $1,431 — which is #23 in state rankings — according to Insure’s annual survey. Yet, you can get below-average premiums just by shopping around for free New York auto insurance quotes on our site. That being said, you want to make sure you know the … Read more

California Auto Insurance Basics

Whether you’re driving down the breathtaking Highway 1 or “getting your kicks” on Route 66, driving in California is a wonderful privilege. Yet, each state carries its own unique set of auto insurance requirements, rules and guidelines. Here is everything you need to know about California auto insurance. Minimum Requirements According to the California Department … Read more

Competition Drives Down Price Of California Auto Insurance

Competition is good for consumers of California auto insurance. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners reported that the cost of auto insurance has gone down every year from 2005-2009, due to increased competition from various providers. According to their research, the ratio of car insurance cost to family income dipped from 1.25 to 1.05 percent, which … Read more

Texas Dept of Insurance: State Driving Insurance Information

Currently, the average cost of auto insurance in Texas is $1,661 per year — which ranks the state #12 in “Most Expensive Insurance,” according to a 2012 survey by Insure.com. Consumer advocates have been complaining that the cost of Texas auto insurance has been creeping up in recent years. According to a study by the National Association … Read more

California Auto Insurance Companies Offer Savings For Low Mileage Drivers

Did you know that you could be eligible for a discount of up to 45 percent if you drive less than 2,000 miles per year? Last year, two California auto insurance companies — State Farm and Auto Club of Southern California rolled out new incentives for people who drive less. How Do People Get Started? … Read more

How Long Does A DUI Affect My Auto Insurance Rates?

Driving under the influence of alcohol is a serious offense, no matter what state you live in. Unfortunately, auto insurance rates tend to skyrocket once this offense goes onto your record. Anything that can be leveled against you probably will be, as you have now proven yourself to be a risky driver. How Long Will … Read more

How Can I Get a Copy of my Driving Record for an Auto Insurance Application?

For people who are looking for their first insurance policy or who want to change providers, the question, “How can I get a copy of my driving record for an auto insurance application?” is an important one. A driver who has been notified that his or her auto insurance rates will be increasing may also … Read more

Can a Parent Exclude a Teen Driver from an Auto Insurance Policy

The cost of buying coverage for a young person is quite high, and some people are wondering whether a parent can exclude a teen driver from an auto insurance policy. This is one option available to parents, but everyone involved needs to understand the consequences of this decision. Many auto insurance companies require policyholders to … Read more

What Happens if Another Driver Makes an Auto Insurance Claim on my Policy

Many people wonder what happens if another driver makes an auto insurance claim against their policy. Before the matter can be settled, an investigation is conducted to determine which driver was at fault. That person, through his or her insurance company, is responsible for paying for damages to property as well as personal injury claims. … Read more

How Do I Collect PIP Coverage Benefits

PIP, or “Personal Injury Protection”, coverage is required in states which have adopted the no-fault model for auto insurance. This is the part of the policy which pays for medical bills and lost wages incurred by the policyholder and the occupants of his or her vehicle. Unlike other types of auto insurance, PIP coverage follows … Read more

What Type of Auto Insurance is Best for a Fully Paid Off Car

If a vehicle owner takes out a loan to pay for his or her purchase, the lender will likely require that full coverage (collision and comprehensive insurance) be kept in place until it has been paid off in full. All drivers must have liability insurance in place to comply with state laws, whether the vehicle … Read more

Will My Auto Insurance Policy Cover Me in Another State

Drivers who will be traveling to other states while on vacation or for work purposes may be wondering whether their auto insurance policy will cover them while away from home. In most cases, an existing auto insurance policy issued in one state will provide the minimum level of protection required by law in another jurisdiction. … Read more

Should I Buy My Home and Auto Insurance Coverage from the Same Company

Buying your home and auto insurance coverage from the same company makes good sense. Many insurance companies offer a multi-policy discount to customers, which means that you will be able to save money on the cost on your auto and homeowners’ plans. You will also find it more convenient to deal with a single provider … Read more

What Payment Options Do Auto Insurance Companies Offer

Consumers who are looking for auto insurance coverage may be wondering what payment options are available. Drivers will want to find a company which can offer a good level of coverage as well as one which has several payment methods for policyholders to choose from. Each auto insurance company determines which payment methods it will … Read more

Understanding Car and Auto Insurance in Florida (Part One)

A valid auto insurance policy must be held by all residents of Florida if they wish to use their vehicles on state roads and freeways. Failure to maintain the adequate levels of compulsory auto insurance is a violation that can see license plates revoked and driving privileges suspended. The only exemption to this is for … Read more

Great Florida Auto Insurance

Want to know how you can get your hands on great Florida auto insurance? Why not follow our handy checklist and throw the odds of finding great auto insurance quotes in your favour! Remember that Florida state roads and highways are not the same thing as a racetrack. Adopt a more conservative attitude when you’re … Read more

How to Find Short Term Auto Insurance in Florida

There are often occasions when we only need to drive a particular vehicle for a short period of time and these will always require some form of Florida short term auto insurance. We may be having a couple of weeks off work and using somebody else’s larger car to tow the family caravan. Alternatively, we … Read more