Auto Insurance Review: Who Is Wawanesa?

Every year, J.D. Power & Associates conducts an extensive survey to find out which companies U.S. consumers prefer and which companies yield the highest satisfaction. If you don’t live in Oregon or California, you’ve probably never heard of Wawanesa. Yet, residents of these states say that it truly is the best auto insurance money can buy. … Read more

Oregon Auto Insurance Coverage Options

Oregon auto insurance buyers have several options available to them when choosing coverage. The following types of protection are offered by insurance companies licensed to sell policies in the state: Bodily injury liability coverage pays for personal injury claims made by the occupants of the other vehicle when an at-fault accident occurs. It pays for … Read more

Oregon State Auto Insurance Minimum Requirements

In Oregon, state auto insurance minimum requirements mean that drivers must have third party liability and Personal Injury Protection in place. Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage must also be added to the policy. Bodily injury liability insurance coverage pays for medical bills incurred by the occupants of the other vehicle in an accident. The policy … Read more

Why Oregon Drivers Should Buy Auto Insurance On Line

Oregon drivers who buy their auto insurance on line will find that there are a number of advantages to doing so. One of the main ones is that the internet makes it easy and convenient for consumers to compare prices and policy terms from several companies at once. The process of finding coverage does not … Read more

How to Find the Cheapest Car Insurance in Oregon

You can find the cheapest car insurance in Oregon, but you are going to need a detailed plan to do so. An inexpensive policy that doesn’t give you the level of protection you need is not a good buy, no matter how low the premiums happen to be. To find the most reasonably priced coverage … Read more

Save with Online Oregon Car Insurance Quotes

Customers who want to find the best deals on Oregon car insurance coverage should make a point of checking out free online quotes. Many companies offer this service to prospective customers, and car insurance is just one of the many products that is available over the Internet. Going online to shop for car insurance coverage … Read more

Factors Affecting Oregon Auto Insurance Rates

When a person is shopping for Oregon car insurance coverage, there are a number of factors that an insurance provider will consider when setting rates. Some of the most important factors that affect rates are your driving record, your age and marital status and the type of vehicle you drive. Your driving record carries the … Read more

Check Out Oregon Car Insurance Discounts and Save

Oregon car insurance companies offer discounts to customers in a number of circumstances, including the following: More than one vehicle on the same policy Successful completion of a driver’s education or a defensive driving course Low annual mileage Vehicle is equipped with safety features, including air bags and anti-lock brakes Car has an anti-theft device … Read more

Steps in Filing an Oregon Car Insurance Claim

When you have been involved in a car accident, the first step in filing a claim with your Oregon car insurance company is to get the other driver’s name, address and insurance information. You will also need to provide this information after the event. Your insurance information is on the insurance card that should be … Read more

Oregon Car Insurance Umbrella Policy

Drivers in Oregon must have car insurance in place in order to drive legally in the state. They are required to have $25,000 in bodily injury liability coverage for one person and $50,000 in coverage for multiple victims of the same accident. Along with the bodily injury liability coverage, Oregon drivers must buy $20,000 in … Read more

How to Choose an Oregon Car Insurance Company

Oregon car insurance coverage is not a luxury; it is required by law. Consumers can choose which company they want to deal with, and should consider their options carefully before making a decision. Premium costs are an important part of choosing an Oregon car insurance company, but rates aren’t the only thing that customers should … Read more

Tips for Saving Money on your Oregon Auto Insurance Quotes

Are you a road user in Oregon who’s struggling to meet your monthly or annual auto insurance payments? Don’t despair! Every road user can take a series of active steps to help lower their auto insurance quotes irrespective of how good or bad their driving history actually is. The following tips can be employed individually … Read more

The Easiest Way to get Oregon Auto Insurance Quotes

There continues to be much debate on the subject of auto insurance quotes and many consumers in the state of Oregon are at odds over the best place to actually find them. A dwindling number of road users still prefer to use time-honored methods such as visiting local auto insurance offices, using telephone calls centers … Read more

How Auto Insurance in Oregon Differs from other US States

All auto insurance quotes provided in the state of Oregon have to comply with mandatory laws that dictate the levels of coverage each road user must have. Auto insurance companies must be licensed to operate in the area and all polices offered must meet the minimum requirements that came into effect in January 2010. Liability … Read more

Essential Oregon Auto Insurance

Road users in Oregon are currently paying a typical $1,562 each year for their auto insurance coverage and this figure is essentially in line with the national US average. Although the demands made on Oregon motorists are fairly extensive, the sparse geographical nature of the state means that accidents are less likely to happen so … Read more

Rating Categories for Oregon Auto Insurance

Oregon auto insurance companies use rating categories to classify their customers and determine how much to charge for their coverage. The higher the level of risk that an applicant presents, the more he or she will pay for car insurance coverage. The three classifications auto insurance companies use are Preferred, Standard and Nonstandard. Being classified … Read more

Oregon Car Insurance and Underwriting Standards

When a customer applies for Oregon car insurance coverage, the application goes through the company’s underwriting process. The insurer will consider various factors to determine how risky that person would be to cover, including: Make and model of the vehicle Previous driving record Prior insurance history Credit history Under state law, Oregon car insurance companies … Read more