Average Cost of Massachusetts Car Insurance

Massachusetts Car Insurance

Car insurance consumers in Massachusetts live in one of these states with the lowest average car insurance prices in the country. The average rate paid for coverage in 2010 was $1,043.80. This is well below the average cost of coverage in the United States, which is $1,580. One factor that car insurance companies consider when … Read more

Auto Insurance Comparisons Help MA Drivers Find Right Coverage

Drivers in MA have several options to choose from when they are looking for coverage and checking out auto insurance comparisons sites is an effective way to learn about the different companies offering this protection. Going online to visit individual web sites is one way to get information about coverage options, but today’s consumer wants … Read more

How Your Massachusetts Auto Insurance Rate is Calculated

When calculating a Massachusetts auto insurance rate, companies consider a number of factors. Each company may collect similar information from car insurance applicants, but the formula used to determine how much to charge for coverage varies, depending on the provider. Each company sets its own rates for coverage and the level of risk that they … Read more

Proactive Ways to Reduce your MA Auto Insurance Rates

Are you looking to save money on your next set of MA auto insurance quotes? Promiga can help you to find cheaper MA auto insurance through their designated website but road users in Massachusetts can also be proactive by following our simple tips: Communicate with Insurers Talk to your insurance company directly if you feel … Read more

Perfect MA Auto Insurance made Easy for Road Users in Massachusetts

Road users across America are turning to the Internet to obtain cheap car insurance quotes. The world of advertising is awash with different price comparison websites that all promise to deliver more than their competitors in terms of price and coverage. For motorists in Massachusetts, there are a number of different considerations that have to … Read more

Massachusetts Auto Insurance Minimum Requirements

Massachusetts auto insurance customers are required to buy a minimum level of coverage to comply with state laws. MA is a no-fault state for car insurance, which means that all drivers must have at least $8,000 in Personal Injury Protection (PIP)  to pay for the injuries and lost wages incurred by the occupants of their … Read more

Why Motorists in Massachusetts use Promiga for their Auto Insurance Quotes

Promiga provide one of the most comprehensive price comparison services throughout the auto insurance marketplace. We work in tandem with premium rated carriers to bring road users in Massachusetts the best possible coverage at the best possible price and are dedicated to providing our customers some of the most up-to-date information available anywhere. Price Promiga … Read more

Uninsured and Under Insured Motorist Coverage in Massachusetts

Drivers in Massachusetts are required by the state to have uninsured/under insured motorist coverage in place. This type of insurance protects them when a serious accident occurs and the at-fault driver either doesn’t have insurance coverage or doesn’t have sufficient coverage to pay for the damages he or she caused. In a no-fault state like … Read more

Is Massachusetts a No-fault Car Insurance State?

Massachusetts is a no-fault state for car insurance. When a car accident occurs, the at-fault driver (and his or her insurance company) are not held responsible for paying for personal injuries and damage caused to the other driver’s vehicle. Instead, each person submits a claim to his or her own insurance company for payment. The … Read more

The Best Way to Compare Auto Insurance Quotes in Massachusetts

Road users in Massachusetts can now apply for online auto insurance quotes by using one of the best vehicles available in world of price comparison websites. As well as eliminating the expensive costs and lost time associated with purchasing a policy through a brocks-and-mortar auto insurance company or a telephone call centre, Massachusetts motorists will … Read more

Road Users in Massachusetts use Price Comparison to save Time and Money

Global recession has seen many consumers tightening the purse strings and carefully watching the pennies in a frantic effort to reduce outgoing costs. At Promiga Auto Insurance Quotes, we completely understand that savings should be made wherever possible and that’s why we remain completely dedicated to providing a simple-to-use website that can literally save you … Read more

Making Auto Insurance Easy for Massachusetts Motorists

A growing number of Massachusetts motorists are using the internet to find cheap car insurance quotes. Take a quick look through consumer magazines or television advertisements and it’s pretty hard not to notice just how much revenue is being spent on advertising for one of the most popular online commodities ever. Even though a significant … Read more

10 Ways to Reduce your Massachusetts Auto Insurance Costs

Auto insurance carriers underwrite their policies by determining the level of risk that an individual motorist presents. There are three different types of category that a road user in Massachusetts can fall into and these are classed as preferred, standard and non-standard. Motorists in the ‘preferred’ category will usually be experienced road users with a … Read more

10 Common Questions about Auto Insurance Quotes in Massachusetts

Question One – I am a vehicle owner in Massachusetts. What type of auto insurance will I be expected to purchase? There are a series of mandatory auto insurance requirements that must be met by all road users in Massachusetts. Motorists must carry $20,000 worth of bodily injury liability per person, $40,000 worth of property … Read more

How to Get Free Auto Insurance Quotes in Massachusetts

Car insurance buyers in Massachusetts can take advantage of free quotes offered by companies to get the best rates for their personal situation. Rather than simply contact one provider to find out about rates, a better choice is to get quotes from several companies. Each insurer sets its own rates and has its own criteria … Read more

Factors that Affect Massachusetts Car Insurance Rates

Consumers looking for car insurance coverage in Massachusetts need to understand that the rates they are charged will depend on a number of factors. Some of them are things that the customer has no control over. Others are within the realm of things that a driver can control, and these are the ones that should … Read more

Massachusetts Car Insurance and Points

Drivers in Massachusetts don’t have to contend with a points system that affects their driver’s license in the same way that residents of other states do. Instead, moving violations are tracked by the state Registry of Motor Vehicles and are added to an individual’s driving record. These items are referred to as “surchargeable events,” and … Read more

How to Get Online Auto Insurance Quotes in Massachusetts

Massachusetts auto insurance customers can get quotes for coverage from multiple insurance companies quickly and easily. The Internet has become an increasingly popular method of shopping for many kinds of products, and car insurance is no different. Car insurance companies must be competitive to stay in business, and they offer online quotes to prospective customers … Read more

No-fault Car Insurance in Massachusetts

Massachusetts is a no-fault state for car insurance coverage. If an accident occurs, each party looks to his or her own insurance company to pay for medical expenses and the cost of repairing the vehicle. This system was adopted to make it easier to resolve claims and to reduce the number of legal actions resulting … Read more

Shopping for Massachusetts Car Insurance

Getting the Massachusetts car insurance coverage you need involves a few basic steps. The first thing you will need to do is figure out how much coverage you want to buy. You will need to make you have at least the minimum amount of bodily injury and property damage insurance required by law, but that … Read more