New Louisiana Auto Insurance Law Goes Into Effect On 8/1

According to state legislators, there are more than 869,000 (out of 3 million) cars being driven without proper insurance. ¬†As of August 1st, Louisiana residents who break the law by not carrying proof of auto insurance will have their cars towed. Governor Bobby Jindal signed into law House Bill 1053 that repeals a five-year ban … Read more

LA Auto Insurance Reviews Help Consumers

A driver who is looking for coverage may want to make a point of checking out LA auto insurance reviews before making a buying decision. The Internet offers multiple opportunities for consumers to find information about a number of products and services, including car insurance coverage. The issue for a number of users is that … Read more

Why You Should Buy Louisiana Auto Insurance On Line

Buying Louisiana auto insurance on line has a number of advantages for consumers. Internet users are becoming increasingly more comfortable about purchasing a number of products and services electronically, including car insurance coverage. You can start your search for the right LA auto insurance policy at any time that is convenient for you. You are … Read more

Finding the Best LA Auto Insurance Quotes

Does your LA auto insurance give you the coverage you actually need from a policy or are you currently settling for an inferior policy at inflated prices? Policies that offer minimum levels of mandatory coverage can make the driver road legal but if an accident ever occurs, out-of-pocket expenses will often be accrued. When consumers … Read more

Factors that Affect LA Auto Insurance Quotes

Road users in Louisiana are often unaware of the factors that affect their LA auto insurance rates. Proposals can often appear to be random but in reality, LA auto insurance companies work to strict criteria whenever a policy is underwritten and this causes premiums to fluctuate. There are a number of factors which can be … Read more

Should I Buy LA Car Insurance On Line?

Buying LA car insurance on line is a great strategy for consumers who want to buy their coverage in an easy and convenient manner. This can also be an effective way to get better rates. Many car insurance providers give their customers multiple options for buying a policy, including arranging for coverage online. A customer … Read more

You Can Find the Cheapest Car Insurance in LA

To find the cheapest car insurance in LA, be prepared to roll up your sleeves and do some digging (figuratively speaking, that is). You will need to shop around and compare rates from different providers if you want to find the company that can offer you the lowest rates. This is a helpful exercise even … Read more

Average Cost of Louisiana Auto Insurance Coverage

Drivers in Louisiana paid an average rate of $2,055 for their car insurance coverage. This figure is above the national average of $1,546. Even if you are currently paying less than the national average for your car insurance coverage, it doesn’t mean that your rates are as low as they could be. By taking some … Read more

What You Need to Buy Louisiana Auto Insurance Online

If you have decided to go online to get Louisiana auto insurance quotes, you need to gather some information before you proceed. Getting organized in advance will make the process a relatively quick and easy one. One thing that you will need before getting a quote is the first page of your current car insurance … Read more

You Can Buy Louisiana Car Insurance Online with Confidence

Buying Louisiana car insurance online is an easy and convenient way to get the protection you need. Under state law, you must have liability coverage in place and you may want to add collision and comprehensive coverage to your policy as well. If you have financed your vehicle, the lender will probably require that you … Read more

Louisiana Car Insurance for High Risk Drivers

If you have been classified as a high-risk driver, it doesn’t mean you are out of luck as far as Louisiana car insurance is concerned. You still have options and the idea of shopping around to get the best rates possible may be even more important if you have a less-than-perfect driving record. Your current … Read more

Check Out Free Online Louisiana Car Insurance Quotes and Save Money

Many Louisiana car insurance companies offer free online quotes to prospective customers. If you are looking for coverage for a new car or you simply want to be sure that your current insurance company has the best rates, you may be able to save a significant amount on the cost of your coverage by shopping … Read more

Factors that Affect Louisiana Car Insurance Rates

When an individual applies for Louisiana car insurance coverage, the insurance company considers a number of factors when determining how much to charge for coverage. Age Male drivers under the age of 25 and females under the age of 21 pay the most for their car insurance coverage since they are more likely to be … Read more

What if I Don’t Have Louisiana Auto Insurance?

If you get caught driving without Louisiana auto insurance coverage in place, you will be facing several penalties. These range from fines to impoundment of your vehicle. If you are injured in an accident while uninsured, your ability to collect damages for your injuries is affected. Drivers in Louisiana are required to carry proof of … Read more

Louisiana Auto Insurance Optional Coverage

Along with the mandatory liability insurance coverage that Louisiana drivers are required to have in place, there are other types of coverage available. Each person should consider his or her Louisiana auto insurance coverage carefully to make sure that he or he is adequately covered. Medical payments coverage is one example. Adding this protection to … Read more

Louisiana Car Insurance Minimum Coverage Requirements

In Louisiana, drivers are required to have liability insurance in place. This coverage protects the occupants of the other vehicle when an accident occurs. It pays for medical bills, rehabilitation costs and other expenses incurred by the victims from the accident. Under state law, a minimum of $10,000 in coverage must be bought to pay … Read more

Save Money with Online Louisiana Auto Insurance Quotes

Customers who are looking to tighten their purse strings and save money on Louisiana car insurance costs should make a point of checking out online quotes for their coverage. Insurance company prices are not set by the state government, and pricing can vary greatly between providers. How do you get started if you want to … Read more

Getting the Best Louisiana Auto Insurance Quotes

Does your auto insurance really give you the protection you actually need? Many road users in Louisiana opt for a basic policy that only offers the minimum level of mandatory coverage but if an accident actually occurs, they can often find themselves being woefully short on when they come to make a claim. When consumers … Read more

Factors that affect your Louisiana Auto Insurance Rates

Many motorists in Louisiana are becoming increasingly concerned about rising auto insurance rates. At times, it almost seems like insurance companies simply snatch a random figure out of the air every time a policy is applied for. In reality, auto insurance companies actually work to very strict criteria and there are a number of different … Read more

Different Types of Louisiana Auto Insurance

The state of Louisiana has a minimum level of mandatory requirements relating to auto insurance and all of these obligations should be fulfilled before a motorist can use a vehicle legally. While the state makes bodily injury liability and property damage liability compulsory, there are a number of other policy additions that can be incorporated … Read more