Finding The Best Deals On Florida Auto Insurance

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Buying Your Car Insurance In Florida Purchase your Florida auto insurance from Promiga, and you’ll be joining tens of thousands of delighted motorists who have already enjoyed the benefits of our superior service, crazy prices and fantastic cover. Why choose Promiga? Take a look at the list below, and see why our customers come back … Read more

Florida Car Insurance Minimum Coverage

Florida Car Insurance Minimum Coverage

What Are The Minimum Coverage Requirements In Florida For Auto Insurance Under Florida law, drivers are required to have a minimum level of car insurance in place. These requirements may be expressed as follows: 20/40/15. These numbers refer to the minimum amount of bodily injury liability insurance and property damage liability coverage a driver is … Read more

No-Fault State Auto Insurance In Florida

Uninsured Motorist Coverage

No Fault Auto Problems and Uninsured Motorists Florida has adopted a no-fault auto insurance system. The idea behind this approach was to help keep overall costs down by resolving relatively small insurance claims without having to take them to court. When a person is injured in a car accident, he or she is compensated for … Read more

How Does Auto Insurance in Florida Work?

Being Informed about Florida Car and Auto Insurance

Do You Know How To Get Auto Insurance IN Florida The state of Florida uses the no-fault insurance system and this is something that all consumers should keep in mind when obtaining auto insurance quotes. Because motorists in the Sunshine State claim from their own insurers after most road traffic accidents, they are only legally … Read more

Saving Money on your Car Insurance Quotes in Florida

Saving Money On Auto Insurance In Florida

Saving Money On Car Insurance In Florida The spiraling cost of auto insurance has made consumers more conscientious when it comes to obtaining car insurance quotes. Residents of Florida typically pay several hundred dollars more per individual for auto insurance each year than the average American citizen. However, many motorists in the Sunshine State are … Read more

Cheap Florida Car Insurance

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Finding The Cheapest Auto Insurance in Florida There are many ways for a consumer to find cheap Florida car insurance. One way to do so is  to shop around for coverage. Since each insurance company uses its own criteria for determining rates, it is possible to save money by looking at a number of options … Read more

Cheap Auto Insurance for Women in Florida

Cheap Auto Insurance for Women in Florida

Ever wondered why women get to enjoy cheap Florida auto insurance while their male counterparts have to pay vastly inflated premiums? Hey! You might be pretty and easier on the eye than most of the men you know, but auto insurance carriers aren’t checking out your appearance when they give you preferential coverage deals. Women … Read more

Understanding Car and Auto Insurance in Florida (Part One)

A valid auto insurance policy must be held by all residents of Florida if they wish to use their vehicles on state roads and freeways. Failure to maintain the adequate levels of compulsory auto insurance is a violation that can see license plates revoked and driving privileges suspended. The only exemption to this is for … Read more

Great Florida Auto Insurance

Want to know how you can get your hands on great Florida auto insurance? Why not follow our handy checklist and throw the odds of finding great auto insurance quotes in your favour! Remember that Florida state roads and highways are not the same thing as a racetrack. Adopt a more conservative attitude when you’re … Read more

How to Find Short Term Auto Insurance in Florida

There are often occasions when we only need to drive a particular vehicle for a short period of time and these will always require some form of Florida short term auto insurance. We may be having a couple of weeks off work and using somebody else’s larger car to tow the family caravan. Alternatively, we … Read more

Florida Car Insurance Quotes (Part Two)

The only downside to using an individual company is that you’ll have to visit several sites to find the most competitive Florida car insurance quotes. This can be time consuming, frustrating and ultimately unrewarding. A better option if you’re looking to save time is to go through a car insurance broker. A broker has access … Read more

Florida Car Insurance Quotes (Part One)

The ongoing rises in cost and increasing amount of choices available to the consumer have made purchasing car insurance a somewhat confusing issue. However, there are plenty of good deals to be found as long as consumers are prepared to invest a little time in shopping around. Checking out the various options available can lead … Read more

How to Find Florida Car Insurance Online

Again, this is made easier by the price comparison web site storing your search in a large database with a unique reference number that the insurance companies can quickly access to make buying a policy a relatively pain-free affair. Another great way of buying Florida car insurance online is to visit the web sites of … Read more

Florida Car Insurance Online

In the competitive area of motor vehicle insurance, there is often a fine balance of trying to secure the best possible financial deal whilst obtaining a policy that is comprehensive enough to provide sufficient cover for any likely outcome that may befall a driver or any third party in the event of an accident. Possibly … Read more

Florida Budget Auto Insurance

Obtaining adequate motor vehicle cover is not as expensive as you may initially think. Finding the right policy for any budget has become a much easier task in recent years and investing a little time to find the right policy for your pocket will save some worthwhile sums of hard cash in the long term. … Read more

Understanding Florida Automobile Insurance

Drivers can also save money by changing key factors that affect the price of their policy or the categories their vehicles are grouped in. Driving smaller cars can have a direct impact on Florida automobile insurance while improving the security features on a car by adding immobilisers and tracking devices that deter car crime also … Read more

Florida Automobile Insurance (Part One)

Florida automobile insurance is a modern-day essential that has provoked much thought amongst consumers within recent years. The rising costs of crude oil in a time of worldwide economic recession have seen a huge rise in the cost of fuel while governments continue to penalise motorists with higher levels of taxation, expensive toll roads and … Read more

Florida Auto Insurance Laws

Auto Insurance Laws vary from one state to the next, but having the right knowledge and information available can help you make solid decisions about the type of Florida auto insurance coverage you need. Auto insurance in Florida uses no-fault regulations as stipulated by the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles. The state of Florida requires … Read more

Florida Auto Insurance Brokers

It used to be the case that when it came around to the annual renewal of your motor insurance policy, a lengthy process would have to begin that started with the formation of an orderly queue at whichever office you frequented. This process became much easier once Florida auto insurance brokers started representing the insurance … Read more