Auto Insurance Review: Who Is Wawanesa?

Every year, J.D. Power & Associates conducts an extensive survey to find out which companies U.S. consumers prefer and which companies yield the highest satisfaction. If you don’t live in Oregon or California, you’ve probably never heard of Wawanesa. Yet, residents of these states say that it truly is the best auto insurance money can buy. … Read more

California Auto Insurance Basics

Whether you’re driving down the breathtaking Highway 1 or “getting your kicks” on Route 66, driving in California is a wonderful privilege. Yet, each state carries its own unique set of auto insurance requirements, rules and guidelines. Here is everything you need to know about California auto insurance. Minimum Requirements According to the California Department … Read more

Competition Drives Down Price Of California Auto Insurance

Competition is good for consumers of California auto insurance. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners reported that the cost of auto insurance has gone down every year from 2005-2009, due to increased competition from various providers. According to their research, the ratio of car insurance cost to family income dipped from 1.25 to 1.05 percent, which … Read more

California Auto Insurance Companies Offer Savings For Low Mileage Drivers

Did you know that you could be eligible for a discount of up to 45 percent if you drive less than 2,000 miles per year? Last year, two California auto insurance companies — State Farm and Auto Club of Southern California rolled out new incentives for people who drive less. How Do People Get Started? … Read more

Online California Auto Insurance Quote

Are you looking for the best online California auto insurance quote but don’t quite know where to begin? Why not follow our simple three-step process at Promiga and see what our highly rated website can do for you? Don’t just take our word for it. We attract thousands of new site visitors every week through … Read more

No Auto Insurance in California

Although auto insurance continues to rise in price, increasingly expensive premiums are no excuse for failing to purchase a valid policy. It’s important to note that if you have no auto insurance in California, you’ll not only be doing yourself a disservice but you’ll also be increasing the price of coverage of every other road … Read more

Lowest Price Auto Insurance for California

When you make your policy purchases through Promiga, you’ll have instant access to the lowest price auto insurance for California. We’re a forward-thinking company that works alongside the leading names in auto insurance to bring you dynamic quotes that are amazingly affordable, yet we never compromise on the quality of policy that we provide. How … Read more

Inexpensive California Auto Insurance

If you’re a young driver and can’t find a policy to suit your pocket, why not try Promiga and see our inexpensive California auto insurance deals for yourself? We specialise in providing fantastic offers for every type of road user and don’t believe you should be penalised just because of your age. What’s more, we … Read more

Cheapest California Auto Insurance

To qualify for the cheapest California auto insurance, why not take a look at your current driving habits to see where improvements can be made? By adopting a conscientious approach and driving more conservatively, you will significantly decrease your chances of being involved in an accident. This makes you a more attractive proposition when it … Read more

Cheap California Auto Insurance for Women

If you’re a female driver who’s looking for a great price on your next deal, Promiga have thousand of policies that provide cheap California auto insurance for women. Some male drivers contest that women are not better drivers and feel that they get preferential rates unfairly. To a certain degree, the men are right! Statistically, … Read more

California Mandatory Auto Insurance

If you are considering an auto insurance policy and aren’t quite sure how much coverage you need, take some time to learn the California mandatory auto insurance requirements to make sure you have enough protection in place.  If you use your vehicle as an underinsured driver, you may incur additional out-of pocket expenses if you … Read more

California Low Cost Auto Insurance

California low cost auto insurance is easier to obtain if your driving history looks more presentable to a carrier. If you continually make claims on a policy or pick up speeding and parking tickets, most auto insurance companies are likely to punish you with higher premiums. Your lack of consideration for other road users ultimately … Read more

California High Risk Auto Insurance Quote

If you’re having trouble finding an affordable policy, it may be that the auto insurance underwriters have you down as a high risk driver. When this happens, it can be very difficult to find coverage at the rates you need. In some cases, the larger carriers won’t touch you at all and this means you … Read more

California High Risk Auto Insurance Company

If you have a less-than perfect driving history, there’s a very good chance that you’ll be looking for a California high risk auto insurance company who can offer you preferential rates. Although these companies exist, it’s usually the case that they’ll charge significantly more for a policy and in most cases, their services should be … Read more

California Discount Auto Insurance

California discount auto insurance can be purchased from the Promiga website with ease. We specialise in providing a diverse range of low-cost policies to suit the pockets of every California-based motorist. While other websites make unrealistic claims over the amount of money you can save on an auto insurance purchase, we continue to liaise with … Read more

California Auto Insurance Regulation

After many years of suffering the perils of uninsured and underinsured motorists, California auto insurance regulation has tightened considerably in recent times. There are no excuses for not having a valid policy in place and persistent offenders face an increasingly severe range of punishments if they fail to abide by the letter of the law. … Read more

California Auto Insurance Quotes Online

Have you stopped to wonder where the benefits are when you apply for California auto insurance quotes online? Many road users seem to be creatures of habit, and they will automatically renew their existing auto insurance policies without comparing their coverage with some of the low-cost alternatives available. At Promiga, we urge all motorists to … Read more

California Auto Insurance Quote

Are you looking for a California auto insurance quote that can save you money on your existing deal? Why not apply for your next policy through our dedicated website to see some of the fantastic products we have available? At Promiga, we’ve negotiated an exclusive range of offers with some of the biggest names in … Read more

California Auto Insurance Quote Search

Carrying out a California auto insurance quote search can often be a frustrating and time-consuming business. Initially, most road users rarely understand the best places to look for coverage and even when they do, there are many different options available. Knowing where to find the best policies, and avoiding the dead ducks, can help you … Read more

California Auto Insurance Penalty

Drive without a valid policy in place, succumb to too many accidents or find yourself imposed with a DUI conviction, and your carrier will punish you with an auto insurance penalty. Auto insurance underwriters craft their policies based on the risk that you present to them. If you are safe driver with a non-existent or … Read more