Auto Insurance in Maine

Auto Insurance In Maine

Road users in Maine can be easily forgiven for feeling confused when it comes to choosing an auto insurance provider.  With so many different companies making so many different promises, how do motorists actually make an informed decision about their auto insurance requirements? Auto insurance prices in Maine continue to be cheaper than those set … Read more

What is the NY Auto Insurance Liability Rule?

New York Auto Insurance

New York Is a No-Fault Insurance State New York operates under a no-fault system for car insurance coverage purposes, so Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage is required. What kind of insurance do I need? New York law requires that you have auto liability insurance coverage. The minimum amount of liability coverage is: $10,000 for property damage for a … Read more

Car Insurance in Ohio

Auto Insurance Ohio

The recent fall in auto insurance costs throughout the United States has seen many rural areas enjoying some of the best terms seen in many years when it comes to taking out a policy. In particular, Ohio now has some of the lowest insurance rates throughout the entire country and the recent drop of 13% … Read more

Average Cost of Massachusetts Car Insurance

Massachusetts Car Insurance

Car insurance consumers in Massachusetts live in one of these states with the lowest average car insurance prices in the country. The average rate paid for coverage in 2010 was $1,043.80. This is well below the average cost of coverage in the United States, which is $1,580. One factor that car insurance companies consider when … Read more

Florida Car Insurance Minimum Coverage

Florida Car Insurance Minimum Coverage

What Are The Minimum Coverage Requirements In Florida For Auto Insurance Under Florida law, drivers are required to have a minimum level of car insurance in place. These requirements may be expressed as follows: 20/40/15. These numbers refer to the minimum amount of bodily injury liability insurance and property damage liability coverage a driver is … Read more

No-Fault State Auto Insurance In Florida

Uninsured Motorist Coverage

No Fault Auto Problems and Uninsured Motorists Florida has adopted a no-fault auto insurance system. The idea behind this approach was to help keep overall costs down by resolving relatively small insurance claims without having to take them to court. When a person is injured in a car accident, he or she is compensated for … Read more

How Does Auto Insurance in Florida Work?

Being Informed about Florida Car and Auto Insurance

Do You Know How To Get Auto Insurance IN Florida The state of Florida uses the no-fault insurance system and this is something that all consumers should keep in mind when obtaining auto insurance quotes. Because motorists in the Sunshine State claim from their own insurers after most road traffic accidents, they are only legally … Read more

Saving Money on your Car Insurance Quotes in Florida

Saving Money On Auto Insurance In Florida

Saving Money On Car Insurance In Florida The spiraling cost of auto insurance has made consumers more conscientious when it comes to obtaining car insurance quotes. Residents of Florida typically pay several hundred dollars more per individual for auto insurance each year than the average American citizen. However, many motorists in the Sunshine State are … Read more

Cheap Auto Insurance for Women in Florida

Cheap Auto Insurance for Women in Florida

Ever wondered why women get to enjoy cheap Florida auto insurance while their male counterparts have to pay vastly inflated premiums? Hey! You might be pretty and easier on the eye than most of the men you know, but auto insurance carriers aren’t checking out your appearance when they give you preferential coverage deals. Women … Read more

Auto Insurance Review: Who Is Wawanesa?

Every year, J.D. Power & Associates conducts an extensive survey to find out which companies U.S. consumers prefer and which companies yield the highest satisfaction. If you don’t live in Oregon or California, you’ve probably never heard of Wawanesa. Yet, residents of these states say that it truly is the best auto insurance money can buy. … Read more

Choosing The Right Auto Insurance Deductible

What deductible would you like — $250, $500, $1,000, $1,500? You’ll notice that is one of the questions we ask you when you’re looking up a free auto insurance quote online. Your answer to this question could save you as much as 40 percent, according to the Insurance Information Institute. By assuming more risk, you stand to … Read more

Theft Drives Up Auto Insurance Rates in Washington State

Washington state is a hotbed for auto thefts, according to National Insurance Crime Bureau statistics. Even though there has been a 1.6 percent decline in auto thefts since last year, Spokane is still fourth-highest in the nation for auto theft rates again. Yakima jumped five places from the 10th spot to the 5th. The Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue … Read more

Buying Auto Insurance For Your SUV

Auto insurance is not  just based on your personal driving record. This revelation comes as a surprise to many, but it makes sense if you really think about it. An auto insurer is basically looking at how expensive you might be if they take you on as a client. Part of the expense is estimated … Read more

New Louisiana Auto Insurance Law Goes Into Effect On 8/1

According to state legislators, there are more than 869,000 (out of 3 million) cars being driven without proper insurance.  As of August 1st, Louisiana residents who break the law by not carrying proof of auto insurance will have their cars towed. Governor Bobby Jindal signed into law House Bill 1053 that repeals a five-year ban … Read more