Ontario Motorcycle Insurance Law

Motorcycle Insurance Ontario

In Ontario, motorcycles, mopeds and scooters must be insured. The minimum level of coverage required for third party liability is $200,000 to pay for personal injury claims and the cost of repairing property damaged in an accident. Ontario has adopted a no-fault system for motor vehicle insurance, which means that when an accident occurs, the … Read more

Arkansas Car Insurance and Motorcycle Coverage

Car & Bike Insurance

Arkansas residents who own motorcycles need to have insurance in place before hitting the road. Under state law, motorcycles are treated as a different class than automobiles, and are not covered under a standard car insurance policy. The owner must buy a separate policy to cover any bikes he or she owns. Before buying a … Read more

Alaska Motorcycle Insurance Requirements

Alaska motorcycle owners must comply with the state’s financial responsibility legislation. They have the option of self-insuring, posting a bond with the Department of Motor Vehicles or buying an insurance policy. Most bike owners opt for the latter option. The minimum level of Alaska motorcycle insurance required by law is: Bodily injury liability coverage of … Read more

Motorcycle Insurance and your Personal Safety

Have you just purchased a new motorcycle and finding yourself full of excitement at the prospect of clocking up a few miles on your latest machine? Whether you’re a newcomer to the world of motorcycle or class yourself as something of a veteran, there are a number of different considerations that should be reviewed to … Read more