How To Switch Auto Insurance

Shopping online is an easy way to find better auto insurance rates. They say “making the switch” is quick and easy… but is it, really? Simply walking away from an old provider could turn into a mess if you don’t follow all the proper steps to say “Hasta Lavista, Baby.” 1) Have A New Policy In Place. Ideally, … Read more

Auto Insurance Tips: Mechanical Breakdown Coverage

Failing to plan for mechanical breakdowns is one of the quickest ways to find yourself in dire financial straits. While most of us purchase auto insurance to protect ourselves from a calamity, you will still want to consider mechanical breakdown insurance through your car insurer, dealer, bank or credit union. A standard auto insurance policy does not cover wear-and-tear … Read more

5 Reasons To Shop Around For Auto Insurance

Everyone is looking to save money these days. Taking just a few moments can save you hundreds — if not thousands — on your auto insurance policy. Here are five situations where shopping around for the best rates online is wise. You Just Got Married. In all your excitement about the Big Day and your Honeymoon, … Read more

Buying Auto Insurance For Your SUV

Auto insurance is not  just based on your personal driving record. This revelation comes as a surprise to many, but it makes sense if you really think about it. An auto insurer is basically looking at how expensive you might be if they take you on as a client. Part of the expense is estimated … Read more

Do You Need Auto Insurance For A Rental?

When the summer weather hits, most people can’t help but daydream about taking a long road trip. Rather than put the miles on their own cars, they opt to rent a car for as low as $12/day. Yet, when they get to the rental company, they are offered on-the-spot auto insurance. This option is confusing … Read more

Can Your Smartphone Lower Your Auto Insurance Premium?

We recently reported that auto insurance companies would be relying on driver data to determine how much to charge you for your premium. Yet, in the past, it could be a real hassle — requiring the installation of a special box in your car. Now State Farm and Ford are teaming up to turn your smartphone … Read more

How Shopping Around Can Save You Money On Your Auto Insurance

You’ve probably seen the commercials and heard people tell you to “shop around” for auto insurance. This sound advice could save you hundreds — if not thousands — on your premium. It’s recommended that you get at least three quotes. If you want to save even more, get six quotes. A 2004 Progressive Insurance survey … Read more

Perks of Marriage: Cheap Auto Insurance

There are many financial perks of marriage — lower taxes, access to employer benefits, better health insurance rates, and lower auto insurance premiums too. Most companies offer some type of discount for married drivers, although some companies may also offer cheap insurance for people who live together. States like California, Washington, Oregon and Illinois recognize “domestic … Read more

Telematics Auto Insurance: What Does This New Technology Mean For The Future?

In George Orwell’s 1984, all daily activities were overseen by a seemingly omnipotent being known as “Big Brother.” Telematics auto insurance seems like one step closer to “Big Brother” watching over us. Yet, on the other hand, telematics may also be the key to reducing the number of car crashes and also reducing our auto insurance … Read more

Best Auto Insurance For College Students

Statistically speaking, younger drivers get in more accidents. Drivers under 24 account for 13.2 percent of all motor vehicle crashes, according to the Census Bureau. Worse yet, 13,957 of those crashes involving young drivers are fatal, and accidents are the leading cause of death for young people. So naturally, auto insurance companies will charge you … Read more

Auto Insurance Savings Tips

Auto insurance can be ridiculously expensive if we let it! As we discussed yesterday, one person might be paying $585 a year, while another pays over $2,000! So what is a driver to do if he or she wants to chip away at these exorbitant prices? Strategies For Reducing Auto Insurance Premiums You could shop … Read more

Auto Insurance Payments Are More For The Poor, CFA Says

A new study by the Consumer Federation of America found that America’s poor are being overcharged for their auto insurance. These findings apply to 40 percent of Americans with annual incomes below $40,000. The CFA says they were legitimately surprised by how badly auto insurance companies treated their low-income clientele. How Much More Do The … Read more

How To Save Money On Auto Insurance

It may surprise you to learn that you can save hundreds of dollars on your auto insurance just by shopping around. Yet, it truly is a buyer’s market. There can be hundreds of insurance providers in your state — all with their own set of rules and rates. The best way to pay less on … Read more

How To Fight A Speeding Ticket With Your Auto Insurance Company

“How will this ticket affect my auto insurance?“ This is one of the first thoughts that will go through your mind after a traffic infraction, especially as you begin to think about how much a moment of carelessness will end up costing you. Unfortunately, there is no easy answer as to how much your auto … Read more

Competition Drives Down Price Of California Auto Insurance

Competition is good for consumers of California auto insurance. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners reported that the cost of auto insurance has gone down every year from 2005-2009, due to increased competition from various providers. According to their research, the ratio of car insurance cost to family income dipped from 1.25 to 1.05 percent, which … Read more

Senior Citizen Drivers: Insurance For Your Car

The CDC reports that 500 seniors (ages 65+) are injured in automobile accidents everyday in the United States. Despite the high risks associated with older Americans on the road, seniors value the freedom and independence that staying on the road gives them. Therefore, it is important to consider ways to limit the risks for these … Read more

Auto Insurance For Teen Drivers

Teenagers pine for that day they’ll finally be old enough to drive. Unfortunately, youngsters see this as a rite of passage that they are entitled to. However, this new responsibility often creates headaches and higher auto insurance costs for parents. How can you add teen auto insurance to your policy, without increasing your premium too … Read more

How Can I Find Cheap Auto Insurance for a Teen Driver

Many parents are wondering how they can find cheap auto insurance for a teen driver when the younger members of the household are old enough to get their license. Coverage for new drivers cannot readily be described as “cheap,” but there are ways to get insurance in place for all the drivers in the household … Read more

How Can a New Driver Find Cheap Auto Insurance Coverage

Consumers are increasingly concerned about keeping costs down, and new drivers may be wondering how to find cheap auto insurance coverage. A person who has recently obtained his or her license will want to get the best rates on insurance but may not know where to turn to find the lowest prices. Someone who is … Read more