Car Theft in Australia and the Rising Cost of Auto Insurance Quotes

In a recent study of key global markets, Australia and New Zealand were found to rank at third and fifth place respectively in relation to car theft risk and vandalism. This is a particularly worrying trend that most antipodean road users will quite rightly feel concerned about. To alleviate the risk car theft, vehicle owners are advised to take precautionary measure to protect themselves:

  • Always make sure you are carrying a valid certificate of auto insurance. A lapse in coverage may leave you without a means of compensation if your vehicle is stolen or vandalized
  • Consider where your vehicle is left overnight and see if it can be moved to a safer location. Ideally, a locked garage should be used but if this type of facility is unavailable, the vehicle should be parked in an area with ample street lighting and, wherever possible, CCTV coverage
  • Investigate the additional cost of having enhanced security features fitted to your vehicle. GPS satellite tracking systems are recommended and additional alarms or immobilizers can also be fitted. Security etching on vehicle windows can also act as a deterrent to car thieves
  • Does your location make you vulnerable to car theft? Drivers who live in inner-city areas will attract higher auto insurance rates than those who live in rural areas with sparse population densities

By taking preventative measures to protect your vehicle, an opportunity to gain cheap auto insurance quotes can be achieved. A conscientious attitude to vehicle security is the only way that road users can lower the current trend of rising auto insurance rates.

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